Celebrate Food & Science

OMSI Food Luminary Dinner

Chef Scott Dolich can’t wait to be a party of the OMSI Food Luminary Series, a chance to celebrate food and science together on Friday, April 18 from 6pm - 9pm. The dinner will take place at OMSI in the Theory Eatery.

Tickets are $80 per person, including refreshments and gratuity, and can be purchased through OMSI’s website here.

More Details on the Event
The dinner will kick off with wine, appetizers and a fun, educational food science demo. After a presentation by Chef Dolich, guests will enjoy a 4-course meal prepared by Chef Dolich in collaboration with Bon Appétit Executive Chef Ryan Morgan. Chef Dolich will also be on hand throughout the event and the dinner to answer guest’s questions.

4-Course Menu
Park Kitchen’s Chickpea Fries with Squash Ketchup

Park Kitchen’s Beet, Smoked Sablefish, Pumpernickel and Sour Cream

Park Kitchen’s Charred Carrot Salad

The Bent Brick’s Beef Cheeks with Red Cabbage

The Bent Brick’s Chocolate Cake

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